Month: March 2016

American roulette casino rules

The American roulette is a version of the hazardous board game “Roulette” in which the player guesses (or not) on which of the cells the ball will stop rotating. The roulette rules, which are extremely simple, have a great popularity among casino habitués. Players bet with chips, and then the croupier starts rotation of the roulette wheel. After the wheel stops, and the ball stops in a certain field, corresponding to the dropped out number, the croupier makes calculation of the general prize of the player under all the bets. This information registers together with the dropped out number into the bets history. The prize total amount is enlisted into the account of the player or written off from it. As we see, the roulette, where everyone can win, has knowingly earned popularity.

So, the roulette game gives to players following rights:
* To bet on a certain number;
* To bet on a certain combination of numbers;
* To guess, whether the winning number will be red or black, even or odd, big or small.

After the roulette wheel is started, no bets are accepted. It’s possible to make an unlimited quantity of bets in one game. Unique restriction — the sum on the player’s account.

Unlike the French and European roulette, the American roulette (casinos prefer it more often) has one more bet — «the Double Zero». This moment was negatively reflected in the general player prize probability at the casino. The advantage before the casino compared to the player in the American casino, due to such innovation, has made 5, 26 %! And, nevertheless, American online the Roulette has big success among the adherents of this version of gambling.
In some casinos, the player can have the opportunity to Surrender. That means if he drops out 0 or 00, the player loses not all the bet on equal odds (red/black, big/small, couples/nechet), but only its half. If the player agrees on these rules the casino advantage the player will be estimated in 2, 63 %.