Month: September 2016


Big Fish Slots is a multiplayer team games with team bonus, three completely different rounds, and even trivia. Each of the three rounds, the game is a little different. With a little practice, and our game tips, you will be scoring in the top ten in no time! In this round you are looking for four creatures per game board: The starfish, a school of small fish, a seahorse, and an eel. When you get bonus points for finding all four (and a new set of bubbles and fish to find), it makes sense to focus on finding fish as efficiently as possible. Remember the four fish, you will need to find (school, Starfish, Seahorse, and eel), so if you only have a certain type of back, you can strategize your fires, multipops and Blowfish to find it. For example, if you only have an eel left find, you only need to remove a bubble out of three horizontal bubbles in a row to find part of his body.

Currently, in this new version of the game, if you get the shark in Round 1, he just replaces the lack of bubbles of the board, you solts game To cope with this table, you only have to find the remaining critters, and they seem to stay in the same place as before to get shark. So if you have seen some of the creatures poking out from behind the bubbles, they are still in the same place. If you only need to find a critter before getting shark, then all you will have to find clear board after he completes the missing bubbles.When she wrote for Big Sea about this, they replied that it was working as intended. This will be something you’ll want to be aware of when it does come from a shark round, much easier.

This round is most like a match-3 games (which ill Mel). Your goal is to match (at least) three of the same type of fish to remove them from the board, but when you do more fish will fall to their seats. Pay attention to which way the fish are – regardless of where you place them, they will eat smaller fish in the direction they are pointed. Red fish is obviously your best chompers that they can eat up both green and blue fish.To maximize your score in this round, you will want to focus on getting the chains. If you remove a set of three or more of a particular type of fish so it sets off a chain reaction of other types of fish falls into place and together with other similar fish. Tokens add up quickly if you can get a long chain reaction.

See the launch lane can start a bead (or beads) as soon as it is loaded. It’s easy to get caught up in seeing pearls falling, but you must stay on top of the launch lane because time runs out quickly. The golden beads seems to be “heavier” than the regular, single ones. You will need to start them harder to make it to the farthest oysters.The multi gems to be slots tips than the regular, single ones. If you start them too hard, you lose them along the left side of the tank if you have a closed clam beside an open target for the slope of the closed clamshell almost openly. A gem can easily get a good jump off the slope and land right in the open sea next door! Align wall bump-out (from the plunger button) can be used to “bounce” beads on the right clam shell. This seems to work best with either the golden pearl or a set of multiples fall close together.