Month: November 2017

Mailmen in Pennsylvania Found Playing Video Poker While on Duty

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Gambling addictions happen in many different ways. People are addicted as much to the actual games themselves as they are the money involved. For mailmen in Pennsylvania, video poker might have been just a way to pass time.

Police raided a convenience store in Allegheny Township, Pennsylvania on Thursday. They found not only video poker machines, but also mailmen playing the machines.

The convenience store had been under investigation for a few months now. Police received anonymous tips that gambling was going on in the establishment, and that mailmen were involved.

When police raided the place on Thursday, what was being investigated was confirmed. Two mailmen were sitting at the machines playing at the time of the raid. They both were in uniform, meaning they most likely were on duty.

$10,000 in cash and four video poker machines were seized from C & T Mini Mart. No charges have been filed as of yet. Police were still trying to determine whether the owner was paying out the machines.

In Pennsylvania, the coin operated machines are not illegal. It becomes an illegal operation once a player is paid out for winning on one of the machines.

Man Convicted of Bank Robbery Keeps Lottery Gambling Jackpot

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Funny how life can throw people curve balls. In 2006 a man pleads guilty to robbing a bank. Then, a few years later, he wins a $1 million lottery prize.

Timothy Elliot was at a point in his life that he felt there was no place else to turn. So he took it upon himself to rob a Cape Cod bank for money. He was caught in the crime, and plead guilty in 2006 .

The judge sentenced him to five years of probation. Terms of that probation included Elliot not being allowed to buy lottery tickets or engage in any form of gambling.

He proceeded to but a scratch off ticket, and as luck would have it, he won $1 million. The payout was payable in twenty installments of $50,000, of which, Elliot has already received the first installment of.

Since he broke his probation in buying the lottery ticket, he had to appear before the judge. His lawyer claims the violation of probation was minor, and the judge agreed, allowing him to keep his winnings from the ticket.

He will now have to pay $65 a month in probation supervision fees, but that should be no problem with his annual $50,000 checks he will be receiving for roughly the next two decades.