Day: February 24, 2018

Major Gambling Expansion Coming To Illinois After Senate Approval

The state of Illinois has bills to pay just like every other state. Much like other states, Illinois is looking to a way for expanded casino gambling to bail out the budget.

On Saturday, major gambling expansion was approved by the state Senate. If approved by the House, the gambling expansion would make the state of Illinois a major player in the casino gambling industry.

A construction program to bring more schools, bridges, and new roads in the state would be the beneficiary of the gambling expansion. In addition to allowing current casinos to expand, the plan also creates two new major advancements in casino gambling.

Slot machines would be allowed at race tracks in the state, and a new casino would also be built in downtown Chicago. The Senate passed the plan overwhelmingly, by a 32-18 vote.

Getting the House to approve the plan will be the hard part. The hope is that the hard economic times will force the House to consider the plan. It will bring much needed jobs and revenue to the state. The construction plans must move forward, but without revenue money from the casinos, it will be nearly impossible.

The Senate was not only looking to improve the state’s casino gambling on Saturday. They also passed a Bill that would privatize the state lottery. Both Bills, HB2651, and HB 1496, now move on to the House.