Month: April 2018

Man Arrested For Illegal Video Poker Machine Gambling Operation

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Illegal Video Poker machines are extremely popular in bars around the country these days. They are also illegal when they pay out their winners. Most owners who operate these machines claim they are for online casino  amusement only.

Police are not fooled by the scam these owners are running, and over the weekend, they busted one of these illegal operations in a most unlikely of scenarios.

Kentucky State Police troopers were doing their normal patrolling over the weekend when they saw a suspicious man lurking around a business that was closed. They went looking for the man, and their search ended up inside the closed business.

What they found inside was people playing poker on video machines. The machines were equipped with ways to accept money. The alleged owner of the operation admitted to police that he was paying out winners on a daily basis.

Larry D. Atkins was charged with eight counts of first degree promoting gambling. He was taken into custody and released on $200 bond.

Unfortunately for Atkins, had he waited a few months the machines may have been legal. The Governor of Kentucky, Steve Beshear, has vowed to have voters decide whether to legalize gambling in the state.

Atkins’ arraignment is set for January 23rd.

Gambling on Horse Racing Might Become Reality Again in China

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To show how much the world is actually changing, you need not look further than in China. The country is contemplating allowing gambling on horse racing for the first time in almost fifty years.

The city of Wuhan has received the O.K. to move forward with bringing horse racing to the city. The races are beginning without a key component that is present at most racetracks, gambling.

That may soon change. The Xinhua news agency has reported that as early as next year, there could be gambling on the horses in Wuhan.

There has not been gambling on horse racing in the country of China for almost fifty years. In 1949, the Communist party banned the gambling from taking place. Not until now has there been an opportunity to bring it back.

“The proposal for betting on horse racing is being reviewed and discussed, but there is no concrete information on when or whether it will begin,” a spokesman for the China Sports Lottery was quoted as saying to Xinhua.