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Man Steals Money Form Charity Lottery He Was Running

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Charities are a tricky proposition. The money that is being raised is done so for a good cause. Most organizations that run these charities, however, are allowed to keep some of the profits for various reasons.

Among these reasons are paying the people that work to raise the money. Operating costs are also part of the money that can be kept.

One reason to keep the money that is not allowed is personal family vacations. That is what the boss of a charity lottery used money that he stole for. His family went on an elaborate vacation to Barbados with money that should have gone to charity.

Two air ambulance charities were the target of his theft. he would pick phantom winners from the phone book, while he kept the prizes for himself. Leigh Windsor was living the high life.

That is until he slipped up, and subsequently was caught. He was entering fake tickets in the drawings, to raise his commission. Unfortunately for him, one of the tickets was picked as the winner.

His company had been very successful running the air ambulance lotteries. The company raised millions of dollars over a ten year period. That was until he was caught stealing money.


Organized Gambling Ring Busted In Massachusetts

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Organized gambling operations has the lure to bring in people from all walks of life. Most of these operations are illegally run, and the profit margin is large.

Law enforcement has been busy on the job so far this year. Various agencies across several states have been cracking down on these illegal gambling rings.

Massachusetts is the latest state in which a gambling bust has taken place. Officers carried out warrants at various locations around the state. Thirty two people were arrested.

The leader of the organized gambling enterprise was Jesus Reynoso, according to authorities. He was arrested along with his enforcer, Victor Rosado.

“Make no mistake. This was not a harmless neighborhood lottery or sports book. It was a gambling enterprise where the game was rigged in favor of the ring, and it was fraught with violence and corruption,” said Suffolk County District Attorney, Daniel F. Conley, at a press conference on Tuesday.

The operation was run across different stores in Boston and throughout the state. The leaders would provide computers and printers that would be used to take bets from people. Sixty percent of the profits would go to the leaders of the organization.

Another Convicted Felon Wins Lottery in Massachusetts

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The world can be a cruel place sometimes. While many hard working Americans live the grind of daily life, there are others who cannot follow the laws. For the second time in a few months, a convicted felon has won the lottery in Massachusetts.

This time, the man that won is a former sex offender who bought the ticket back in January for $20. When he received the first of his twenty annual checks of $500,000, his picture was posted on the states lottery website.

The Massachusetts Lottery Commission received calls tipping them that the man, Daniel Snay, of Uxbridge, was a former sex offender. The state could not do anything about the situation.

Snay did nothing illegal when he bought the ticket. No restrictions have been placed on him regarding gambling. While the money remains safe, he may not.

Authorities in Connecticut are looking into possibly filing charges against Snay. He lived in Connecticut for several years and was required to report if he was to move out of state. He could face up to five years in prison if he is convicted of the crime.

His lawyer, however, claims it was a mistake. He says that Snay thought he only had to report to the state he was moving to, not from. “If that’s incorrect, we’ll have to fix it. He wasn’t running. He’s been living here for four years,” said Joseph Fabbricotti, Snay’s lawyer.

Snay said that he plans to pay for his children’s education with the winning money. He was convicted a few different times from 1974 to 1987. He has had no incidents with the law in the past twenty years.


Another Arrest For Illegal Gambling, This Time in Alabama

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Slot machines are a form of entertainment for millions of Americans around the country, but as of late, these games are popping up in more venues outside of casinos, and the police have began to crack down on this illegal form of gambling.

The latest arrest came in Alabama, where police broke up an operation that spanned three states, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia.

Jerry Cordell and his son Paul Cordell were both arrested on Tuesday and charged with possession of a gambling device and promoting gambling. Jerry was also charged with possession of gambling records, and his son was additionally charged with possession of marijuana and a controlled substance.

64 machines were confiscated in the police probe and they also seized $15,175 in cash, and another $18,000 was frozen in a bank account of Cordell.

In addition to the money and machines, two trucks and 10 boxes of illegal gambling tickets were also seized, and four others were charged, although their names were not released.

Federal charges could be filed, but even though the investigation spanned three states, the arrests were made based on the Mobile, Alabama machines, of which they were believed to have come from Las Vegas.

Mobile Police Chief Phillip M. Garrett said, “They weren’t built in Alabama”, referring to the machines, some of which were unloaded from a truck and crushed by a city trash crew.


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Analyst Suggests Legalized Sports Gambling For Delaware


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Many states have made the move to casino gambling to help their over the limit budget deficits. These states have changed their tune regarding casino gambling in the name of revenue dollars.

Now that many states have made this move, the ones that already had casino gambling are seeing competition that is hurting their revenue money. One of those states is Delaware, and an analyst from Jefferies & Co. believes he has the answer.

Lawrence Klatzkin claims that the way to help out Dover is to allow sports gambling. It is the next wave of legalized betting and it was just a matter of time before some state pushed the envelope.

“While we believe it would be at least another two years before anything substantial could be operational, Maryland gaming being legalized will likely have an extremely negative impact on Dover Downs. Roughly fifty percent of Dover’s players come from management,” wrote Klatzkin, in a client note.

Klatzkin believes that when new governor Jack Markell takes office, there will be a change in the governments stance on sports betting. Outgoing governor Ruth Ann Miller was not in favor of legalizing sports betting.

Sports betting is the one thing that would certainly be left out if the American government decided to regulate the online gaming industry. All of the major sports leagues have come out against sports betting, but it would be in their best interest if the gambling spread legally throughout the United States.

America’s Favorite Past Time goes Online

Even before the inception of the online casino, gambling was considered to be one of America’s favorite past times. The introduction of the online casino only served to increase the popularity of gambling around the world.

The innovation of the Internet and the online casino allowed people accessibility that they had never before experienced. Instead of being forced to drive long distances to gamble at land based establishments, people were now able to place bets from the comfort of their own home.

Although the online gambling atmosphere differs from that of Las Vegas or Atlantic City, the variety of available games is virtually identical. Players can enjoy the exact same games online as they can in land casinos: blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, craps, slot machines and more. In addition, the computer versions of these games boast astonishing graphics and sound.

There are basically two methods for gambling at an online casino: no-download games and downloadable software. For those persons who wish to start playing immediately the no-download games are the best choice. The download games frequently utilize JAVA applets in order to run, and generally only include a select number of the most commonly played games.

Downloading software in order to play casino games is generally worth the extra few minutes. Not only will you have access to a multitude of games, but the graphics and sound capabilities will expand as well.

In the relatively short period of time that online gambling has been available, it has made its mark in society. With easy accessibility, variety of game selection, no-download games, and downloadable game software the multi-million dollar online casino industry will continue its growth in years to come.

American roulette casino rules

The American roulette is a version of the hazardous board game “Roulette” in which the player guesses (or not) on which of the cells the ball will stop rotating. The roulette rules, which are extremely simple, have a great popularity among casino habitués. Players bet with chips, and then the croupier starts rotation of the roulette wheel. After the wheel stops, and the ball stops in a certain field, corresponding to the dropped out number, the croupier makes calculation of the general prize of the player under all the bets. This information registers together with the dropped out number into the bets history. The prize total amount is enlisted into the account of the player or written off from it. As we see, the roulette, where everyone can win, has knowingly earned popularity.

So, the roulette game gives to players following rights:
* To bet on a certain number;
* To bet on a certain combination of numbers;
* To guess, whether the winning number will be red or black, even or odd, big or small.

After the roulette wheel is started, no bets are accepted. It’s possible to make an unlimited quantity of bets in one game. Unique restriction — the sum on the player’s account.

Unlike the French and European roulette, the American roulette (casinos prefer it more often) has one more bet — «the Double Zero». This moment was negatively reflected in the general player prize probability at the casino. The advantage before the casino compared to the player in the American casino, due to such innovation, has made 5, 26 %! And, nevertheless, American online the Roulette has big success among the adherents of this version of gambling.
In some casinos, the player can have the opportunity to Surrender. That means if he drops out 0 or 00, the player loses not all the bet on equal odds (red/black, big/small, couples/nechet), but only its half. If the player agrees on these rules the casino advantage the player will be estimated in 2, 63 %.

American Indian Tribes Should Have To Follow State Laws at Casinos

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The days of Indian tribes doing whatever they well please within their casinos should come to an end. For years now, these tribes have given no respect in regards to laws in the states in which they operate, a situation that needs to be corrected.

The Foxwoods Resort Casino, which is owned by the Mashantucket Pequot tribe, is challenging a recent vote by their dealers to join a union under the United Auto Workers Union.

The dealers have been working way under industry standards, and their decision to join a union is a right afforded to them by law. The only problem is, the tribe for which they work believes they are not subject to follow that law.

The tribe is claiming that they do not have to abide by the National Relations Act. This decision to make their own rules, follows almost every other decision made by tribes across the United States.

They have free reign to do whatever they want on their reservations, never having to answer to any state laws. This has been creating a major problem as of late. Different tribes have tried to gain sovereignty on land across the U.S..

Once they receive the sovereignty, they build their casinos, where non tribal members spend millions of dollars in. Yet they are not subject to the same laws that their patrons must follow.

At Foxwoods, the maintenance workers are now considering unionizing. That is a great idea, except that in the grand scheme of things it will not matter unless the owners of Foxwoods are forced to follow rules.

Rules in which, them, and other tribes nationwide have disregarded for many years. Now is the time for that to change.

AMC has launched the Global Gaming Network GEOBet

AMC has launched the Global Gaming Network GEOBet

This week, IAMC (International Arts Management Corporation) announced the launch of, a global network operated by North Star Entertainment Ltd and Olympian Trading Ltd. incorporates products from almost all CTXM, Microgaming and Merge quo networks and will primarily focus on small casinos that want to expand their operations to the online gaming market.

According to IAMC’s Director of Operations, Peter Karroll, “GEOBet is a virtual extension of land based casinos that offers all the operation and tools needed for a complete online casino product, without requiring any investment for casino operators Terrestrial. ”

The company is committed to providing a licensed online solution within 90 days. For this service, also guarantees lower costs than in the event that casino operators would like to convert to online casino independently.

The online casino Lucky Red Casino offers two magnificent bonuses

The online casino Lucky Red has announced two absolutely incredible bonuses that players will enjoy. The first type of bonus is called Bonus Bonanza and requires a minimum deposit of $ 50 in order to receive the maximum bonus amount of $ 1,000. There are, however, conditions regarding the number of bets required before you can withdraw your winnings, and players must wager at least 25 times before you can withdraw.

The second type of fabulous bonus is called the Extra Bonus Day which is still valid until January 23rd. For this bonus, players who deposit $ 20 may qualify for a $ 50 bonus. This bonus can qualify for a bonus of 250%. On January 24th, Extra Bonus Day winners can win a free $ 25 token, but they must place a $ 1,250 bet before they can withdraw their cash.

Casino Luck promises you lots of free spins

Promotions change from one casino to another. For example, Casino Luck offers free games. Yes, the facility offers free spins to all new players and this is the first deposit. One of the conditions of participation is that the deposit is at least equal to 25 £ and is realized between 20 January and 29 February.

The rules of the game are simple, as soon as a player realizes this first deposit, he must contact the customer support of the casino by sending an email to the following address: Finally, you must know that the sums won during the bonus rounds must be wagered at least 50 times before you can cash the money.

The small plus of this promotion is that free spins are offered on one of the most popular slots Casino Luck. Yes, you can enjoy 50 or 100 free spins on Jack and the Beanstalk.