Lottery To Be Available in More Places in Sydney, Australia

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In the United States, it is taken for granted that any person may just go into their local convenience store or gas station and buy a lottery ticket, now the people of Sydney could enjoy that same luxury.

As the movement toward legalize gambling sweeps across the world, people in Sydney will find out what much of the rest of the World already experiences, the dream of becoming rich through the lottery.

NSW Lotteries has begun a trial in which they have allowed lottery sales in convenience stores, the end result could end up where patrons could go to a 7-Eleven at any time, 24 hours a day and purchase lottery or scratch off tickets.

Pubs and clubs could be the next in line to be able to sell the lottery tickets.

The government has stated their desires to reduce the number of gambling machines, and they have tried to link their efforts to helping problem gamblers by doing so. The figures, however, do not support that claim by government.

Federal Treasurer Peter Costello is against the expansion of gambling, and has stated that Australia already has more poker machines than any other nation, referring to the ruling this week that Keno would be allowed in hotels.

He also claims that people who think the gambling revenue is high, should not forget to factor in the money that government gets against the money government spends to help problem gamblers.

Florida Starts Year Round Live Horse Racing Simulcasting

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At 12:25 PM today, Saturday, September 22, both Broward County racetracks, Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino and The Isle Casino & Racing at Pompano Park, will begin simulcasting races from other racetracks.

A 1996 law that was passed by the legislature that banned simulcasting at tracks except when they had live racing, was overturned as unconstitutional.

The Florida Supreme Court earlier this month decided that the law was passed as a general act covering the entire State when it should have been a local bill, as it affects only those two racetracks and Calder Race Course in Miami.

Legislators failed at the time to conduct public hearings on the issue, or give notice of the bill, which was the basis of the court’s decision to overturn.

So Broward County is now ready to enjoy year-round horse racing as well as Vegas style slots. If this is the type of entertainment that you enjoy and you live in Broward, County Florida now is the time to experience it.

There is sure to be a level of discomfort from the anti-gambling groups within Florida, and the recent surge in expansion in Florida will be threatened if those groups decide to pressure the legislature to do more about expanded gambling.

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